A little bit about Round Spirit

A little bit about Round Spirit

What can we do for you

We set up Round Spirit  to train companies and individuals on how to internationalize your business with the web. We are dedicated to providing bespoke high-quality training courses and consultancy services, focused on how to grow global with the web. We understand that high-quality training solutions maximise customers return on interest and is the most effective way to improve individuals and teams.

How do we we work

Round Spirit aspires to deliver high quality and training solutions to all clients at an international level; professionalism, uptdated skills ain an ever changing environment, and 360º understanding of the digital world is key.

Our workshops are available on a two day basis, and they also include 2 hours of personalized consultancy services.

We also provide international SEO consultancy services to improve your website’s visibility in national and international search.

Multilingual website creation workshop

 Cross Border Ecommerce Course

Web to Go Global Course

International SEO Consultancy services

Our story

Round Spirit was created by Sam Husson. Sam is a  highly experienced International SEO consultant, providing personalized & strategical SEO advice, training and on-going support through the consultancy Openvalley.

In the last 10 years, Sam provided support from multinationals to SMEs across different areas:  e-commerce websites, corporate websites, international seo, social networks, search engine marketing…


International SEO
Website localization and translation
Global Social Media
International content marketing
Global SEM campaigns
Cross border ecommerce
Online market places
Market and competitor analysis
Analytics and KPIs