Half of online shoppers buy cross-border’

Consumer demand for online shopping is skyrocketing. It’s caused customers to buy from retailers they’d never considered before. Consumers are buying from sites they would never have shopped from before, which is making cross-border e-commerce grow exponentially. Can retailers take advantage from this during the holidays?

On a survey of 2,035 people from around the world, 55% of those surveyed said they would be open to buying holiday gifts from other countries. Based on a survey commissioned by Logistyx, 2,035 shoppers were surveyed from the US, UK, Germany and Australia.

Consumers fear items won’t arrive in time

The survey revealed five key learnings for ecommerce brands seeking to take advantage of cross-border sales during the festive season. While consumers are eager to buy abroad, many of them were also worried that their order wouldn’t arrive in time. Another 69% said that access to online tracking would help them place a cross-border order.

Online cross-border sellers should also give an estimated delivery time in their website. This would be a factor in the purchasing decision of 69 percent or respondents, helping them overcome worries about the order not arriving in time.

Sellers should be clear about delivery costs and taxes upfront. This will impact how the customer makes decisions about where to shop online. Sellers that are unclear about these additional costs can expect to receive negative reviews, which will hurt their conversion rates. Being upfront and clear about delivery costs and taxes will impact the consumer’s decision to buy from your country. There is a 61% chance that these factors will lead to negative reviews and reduced conversion rates.