Analytics and kpis

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

Analytics and kpis

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

Choosing the right kpis to improve your international online expansion

KPIs are “metrics” which will help you monitor your specific goals.  KPIs are important because they will allow you see the big picture. Monitoring the right metrics will help you save time and most importantly, achieve your international business goals.

Creating KPIs and metrics will help us follow the following channels:

Online marketplaces
Social Media

In the course, we’ll be looking at some of the important KPIs you can start monitoring. These metrics can help you answer questions like:

1. Which channels are giving the more returns? Organic search, adwords, social media? Which countries?

2. Are visitors engaging with my content?

3. What time does the user take to convert once he visits my website?

4. What is difference between countries?

Topic available in the Cross Border Ecommerce Course

Topic available in the Web to Go Global Course

Kpis to reach international markets

During the training session, we will analyse KPIs that will help you identify areas that work well, and areas that need improvement. We will review the following KPIs

Goal Completions Or Revenue / country
Ecommerce Conversion Rate / country
Cost Per Acquisition / country
Average Order Value / country
Bounce Rate / country
Revenue / User
Pageviews / User

And more

We will be using Google Analytics, a great tool for monitoring the different KPIs,  and we will also be using other analytics platforms such as Facebook Analytics, or data visualization tools such as Google Data Studio.