Foreign markets analysis

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

Analysis of foreign markets

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

Choosing the right foreign markets is key

Too often, when firms decide to expand internationally, they make a hasty decision based on their limited market knowledge. Today, the Internet presents small businesses with an abundance of additional tools to use for conducting free or low-cost market research. Over the last few years, large volumes of data about global markets have become available online.

In the course, we will explain the common tools brands use to conduct online market research.

Thanks to valuable tools that make it possible to unlock the value of information, our goal is to provide the essential knowledge and insights that are useful for businesses to compare and understand foreign markets, as well as take the right decisions.

Topic available in the Cross Border Ecommerce Course

Topic available in the Web to Go Global Course

Web data extraction and social media listening to achieve market analysis

Web Data Extraction techniques are widely used to solve Market Research problems such as trend analysis, competition research and more. Data Extraction applications are supposed to encompass all the known sources to offer very high level of data accuracy for the marketers.

Technically it may involve generic web harvesting tools to extract relevant data from web but manual or semi-automatic wrapper generators are also becoming increasingly popular.

Keyword research is the new market research. When executed correctly, the traffic you drive is a perfect match to your site, providing you with new clients and increased revenue on a regular basis.

Social media has reached a point where it is seamlessly integrated into our lives. And because it is a digital extension of ourselves, people freely express their opinions, thoughts, and hot takes on social media.

Because people share so much content on social media and the sharing is so instant, social media is a treasure trove for market research. There is plenty of data to tap into and dissect.

During the course, we will show you tools and explain you which data you should use to perform market analysis, and take the right decisions regarding the market you should target on priority when engaging in your international online expansion.