International SEO: great content

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

International SEO: great content

Topic available in the Cross Border Course / Web to go Global Course

How to produce great content to target international customers

In the digital age, it is essential for any company wishing to conquer new markets to offer high value-added content adapted to the target market. The ultimate objective is to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.

Quality content marketing on an international scale helps to improve your international SEO strategy and increases brand awareness.

With quality content, potential foreign customers interested in your business discover your website, then come back, which creates more traffic, more revenue and leads.

When targeting foreign markets, your company needs to produce a large amount of multilingual content that matches the queries and interests of Internet users.

– to raise social media awareness: this means, if possible, content that is emotionally stimulating and likely to be shared, that is viral and engaging

– to generate sales: authoritative content that educates and informs, content that changes the mindset of your foreign customers.

International content marketing is therefore about sharing relevant knowledge with your target customers abroad in their own language, through the information channels they prefer, in order to generate trust and improve your company’s credibility.

Topic available in the Cross Border Ecommerce Course

Topic available in the Web to Go Global Course

In the course we cover the following aspects of content creation:

  • Evaluate foreign competitors content marketing strategies
  • Leverage existing content
  • Creating great multilingual content
  • Types of content: Quizzes, Guides, Case studies , Webinars, Videos, Demos, Reviews, How to articles, White papers…
  • Visual content: we review how to create videos as well as images for social media with very useful tools.
  • Practical exercises